Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A different kind of museum | Copenhagen

When I go to an art museum I am so excited and can't wait, but the truth is when I finally get there I always turn rally sick - I feel dizzy from all the standing and looking, and often I also get a little sick to my stomach (Seriously this is a trauma from when I visited a museum in Rome). But with these two museums, I recently visited: Bertel Thorvaldsens museum and Glyptoteket, I had a comepletly different feeling. 

I'll here walk you through pictures of both and few comments!

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This museum is really small and only consist done by the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1740 - 1806). He re-invented the Greek, ancient sculptures with a modern twist (It's still called "modern", or more correct: new-classicism after the historical period in the Greek sculptures called classicism). 
He plays with the stories of the Greek Gods in his sculptures. - I must say I only know this because I have the ancient Greek times as a subject in school.
Thorvaldsen lived to experienced his popularity - actually he was chosen of the pope of Rome at that time, to do his grave relief to stand in the St. Peters church in Rome - you can now see this grave relief at the museum. This museum was build while he lived, and he is actually buried in the garden of the museum.  

It's interesting when you know the story of Bertel, but it's not the biggest museum. It's also really dark in there, but you could spend a few hours in there - I would say I was in there for about 1 hour and I felt like I missed out on a few things. 


Glyptoteket is in the middle of Copenhagen right beside Tivoli and the central station and only half a kilometre from Thorvaldsens museum. 
Carl Jacobsen was a wealthy man in Copenhagen and laved greek art - any art in shape of a sculpture. His collection grew and only grew, so he asked the state of Denmark for help to make a museum where he could share his collection with the rest of the world. He didn't want it to be a museum, he didn't like a museum, that's why it's called Glyptotek (tek = place, glypto=cutted out (sculpture)). It's for people to look at sculptures and enjoy an inside garden - not to learn about anything - only if you want to. I must say this is my new favourite place in Copenhagen. I could spend hours just sitting in the little indoor-garden-cafĂ© and look at the trees, or spend hours walking around the "museum" looking at the sculptures finding hundreds of details or wander around looking at the architecture - everything is beautiful here; the floors, the walls, the roof - look everywhere! 


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