Monday, 26 February 2018

Museum day | Outfit details

I got a few questions on this outfit from my visit at The Glyptotek in Copenhagen. I thought I would collect all the details in this post!

I will start with my boots! I absolutely adore them! I was really lucky to get my hands on them because they sold out really quickly. They are from H&M and I've been looking everywhere for so long to find a pair of white boots. I know that you can be a little sceptical about the quality of H&M clothes, but I must say that these shoes blow my mind on the quality question. I walk good in them, they fit my foot perfectly and after wandering around Copenhagen for a whole day there wasn't any sign, that they had been worn a lot.

The jacket is also one of my favourite items. I found it in a Swedish second-hand shop this summer and I love it.  haven't worn it as much as I wanted to, but after finding this outfit, I think it's now a key-item. Even though I found it in Sweden it's from the Danish brand Sand.

The jeans are my new favourite jeans. I had been looking for a really good, simple pair of blue jeans. Believe it or not, I didn't have a simple, slim pair of blue jeans (And I have so many jeans that I can't fit them into my closet anymore...) They are also just from H&M and really cheap for only 179DKK - And I had looked at every Dr Denim jeans, and Zara, and, and, and, not found a pair of jeans that fitted me. But these I'm so impressed! I don't have to wear a belt and they sit nicely on my legs without being so skinny that I feel uncomfortable. I've packed them for my upcoming trip to Berlin - and I'm pretty sure I'll bring them to New Zealand as well!

The purple turtleneck I'm wearing is also something I always reach out for, when I need colour, but also need to stay warm. I inherited it from a good friend when she was tired of it, and it's from something called Laksen Sporting - a danish outdoor brand, which explains why it's so good at keeping me warm! I have it in 3 different colours (and none of them is black, I'm proud!)

I will also let this outfit be an inspiration for you out there who always tend to go for the black outfit.This is an example on, how to wear colours but sticking to the basics: Blue jeans and a turtleneck. If you feel like there is too much focus on your feet, then wear white sneakers instead! 

I'll soon have a post up, about Glyptoteket, because it's my new favourite place and worth a visit!

Until next time,
x Sofie 


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