Friday, 26 October 2018

Hair Clips

With new, short hair comes new hair routines; and you're looking right at them!

After cutting my hair I've become obsessed with hair clips; pretty ones like the ones you see on this photo or even the cheap brown ones from H&M.
(FROM LEFT: Pico | Sui Ava | Mads Nørgaard | Not sure, but I think it's Pico (I bought it in Bahne)

I almost never use a hair tie anymore, which before was my go to with a high ponytail. I only use a hair tie if I'm doing any sport or my hair really need to be washed and I cannot be bothered so I just put it up! (Real life talk here)

Short hair also means new products and new routines for washing - which you soon can read about as well!


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